A little about me

A little about me

What does it mean to be balanced by nature? The simple answer is eat and medicate naturally, maintain positive momentum, get outside, and be grateful. Those three lifegiving priorities NATURE, POSITIVE THINKING, and GRATITUDE will guarantee you good health and happiness. When you are healthy and happy your level of abundance can only increase.

I spent over ten years growing and medicating with cannabis. I learned what nutrients the plant needed and how the plant’s environment affected how the plant grew. I also used my growing knowledge to grow fruit, vegetables, and herbs on my 16'x16' urban patio garden.

I have researched over several years; how natural plants heal our body with limited side effects. I discovered that we have three life centers in our body (the head, chest, and gut) and most natural food; fruit, vegetables, and herbs support all three centers. Using this knowledge, I was able to create a plan to eliminate synthetic drugs and begin to feel more balanced in my life. With a mostly natural-food diet you can stay away from most sickness. When you do get sick, medicating with nature will heal you without creating deadly side effects. Today my diet is 75% natural or organic. Ten years ago, I ate mostly frozen and fast-food poison. (not really poison, not exceptionally good for us either) What you put in your body determines how you feel and think. You must get your body right, to get your mind right, which will make your life right!

I have also studied many motivational mentors from Aristotle and Socrates to Tony Robbins Esther and Jerry hicks to Brendon Burchard. I have learned that positive thought is necessary to feel healthy and balanced. You can eat a perfect diet but if you're always negative you will not feel good or balanced. Same with positive thought. If your body is not full of healthy natural nutrients, you will not be able to maintain positive momentum. 

You also must show or feel gratitude for everything. If you break a leg, be grateful it was only one leg. If you only have fifty cents left after paying bills, be grateful for the windfall of extra money. Gratitude is like a magnet. When you feel grateful the universe provides you with more reasons for gratitude. Life is about balance. 

Thank you for checking me, and my life perspective out!

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