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What’s inside…


  1. Inside you get Steve’s booklet FIVE HERBAL TEA BLENDS TO BALANCE YOUR LIFE. This booklet teaches the importance of getting herbs into our diet. Covering herb health benefits, historical uses, and expected results from adding herbal tea to your diet.
  1. Next you get Steve’s booklet: STEPHEN T’S ULTIMATE SMOOTHIE, this is the smoothie I speak about in THE HAPPINESS EFFECT. Beginning your day with a blast of fruit and vegetables will provide you with all the nutrients your body needs to get the started on the right foot. You will learn about the nutrients and historical use of all the ingredients as well as how those nutrients benefit your body and mind.
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  1. QUICK REFFERENCE CHART, 50 herbs and the health benefit and nutritional benefits. Use this chart to guide you when making herbal tea concoctions. I have these pages pasted on my Herb cabinet doors for ready reference.
  1. The BALANCED LIFE DAILY PLANNING JOURNAL. The inside pages. YOU get the self-assessment pages empowering you to begin creating your best life. YOU also get the DAILY PAGE, morning and evening, The WEEKLY SUCCESSES section encouraging you to celebrate your wins, and plan for more success. Finally, YOU get the monthly review sections, allowing you to track your performance, and plan your next steps to living a healthier, and happier life.

*** PRINT these pages out or use them as a guide to create your own daily journal. Setting your intentions every morning and reflecting every evening will improve your days. Reviewing your goals, successes, and challenges daily, weekly, and monthly, will cement positivity, gratitude, and the desire for natural health into your life. Creating more focus on what truly matter, living your best life.